Engineering Youth Outreach

Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad program promotes science education and awareness in students grades 6-12. Wow, is it fun!! In Western NC, the event takes place on the UNC Asheville campus in mid-spring. Overall winners progress to the state-level competition. Science Olympiad teams compete in a wide range of science events. Teams benefit from coaching and practice-testing prior to the event. Parental involvement is a great way to encourage your child in the areas of science and math. Visit the North Carolina Science Olympiad website.

Odyssey of the Mind

Wonderful K-12 program to encourage creative problem solving, self-expression, teamwork and friendly competition. Teams form in local schools in the fall and compete in regional competition in early Spring. Problem topics range from poetry and literature through science and engineering. Coaching is a great way to get involved. Visit the Odyssey of the Mindwebsite.


MATHCOUNTS is a coaching and competition program for Middle School students nationwide. Founding Sponsors are the National Society of Professional Engineers, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and CNA Foundation. Visit the MATHCOUNTS website.

National Engineers Week

Annually in late February.  Visit the National Engineers Week for Kids website.

American Society for Engineering Education

Visit the American Society for Engineering Education website.

Junior Engineering Technical Society

(JETS) homepage for useful guidance and career preparation materials. Visit the JETS website.

Discover Engineering

Lots of interesting facts about engineering and engineers. Visit the Discover Engineering website.

How Stuff Works

A fun site to visit if you’ve ever wondered. How does that work? Visit the How Stuff Works website.

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)

UNCA supports a FIRST Robotics Team for high school students.  It also hosts the regional event for FRC each spring.  Interested students should contact the coach, Katie Schafer,  Additional information can be found at

Program Details

This exciting new program offers you:

  1. The chance to join the UNC Asheville FRC Robotics team. As with all FRC teams, members of the UNC Asheville team will enjoy a wide range of activities including design and fabrication, programming, strategy, game-play, team building, fundraising and community outreach. Of course, UNC Asheville will assist in fundraising and team management.
  2. Attend and compete at no fewer than two district-level FRC competitions and, if successful, go on to compete at NC state and national championships.