Mechatronics Ambassador Program (MAP)

MAP is a student-run outreach organization made up of the best and brightest students in the Mechatronics Engineering program. These students are the representatives of what the program is and what it hopes to become. The program is organized into three committees, each of which is the champion of one of MAP’s top objectives:

  1. Develop relationships between student engineers and potential employers in the engineering field.
  2. Maintain a positive image of the engineering program on campus.
  3. Provide support to local organizations developing interest in STEM fields to children.
  • Faculty Advisor:  Mahmut Reyhanoglu
  • Contact:
  • To Join:  There is an application process each April for the upcoming academic year.

In addition to ongoing outreach efforts, MAP provides a review video each semester to summarize the Engineering Program’s key events.

Spring 2017:

Fall 2016:

Industrial Advisory Committee

Members of MAP’s Industrial Advisory Committee help build and maintain relationships with companies that have an interest in hiring Mechatronics Engineering Graduates. The IAC helps employers gain insight into the joint engineering program by inviting them to campus and showing them the program’s facilities. The IAC also helps students by setting up opportunities to meet with potential employers about career opportunities. The IAC also provides tours to visiting professionals as well as prospective students who are interested in what our engineering programs have to offer.

Community Outreach Committee

The Community Outreach Committee is the link between the Mechatronics Program and its future students. This group of students travels to local schools, STEM and recruitment events and provide extracurricular knowledge to children (K-12) interested in STEM fields. Additionally, they provide insight into the Mechatronics Program.

University Outreach Committee

The need to develop interdepartmental relationships and champion the engineering programs on campus is driven by the University Outreach Committee. Members of the UOC generate and implement projects that spread awareness of the engineering program and help our students build their skillsets, as well as engage freshmen and newly matriculated students.