Industrial Advisory Board

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) of the Joint BS in Engineering – Mechatronics Concentration (JEM) consists of a select group of industrial leaders who form a partnership between industry and academia. The IAB is a forum where ideas are exchanged and recommendations are made. It provides a direct link and communication between the academic department and industry. The IAB is composed of members from various industries that have a vital interest in the purpose of the JEM program. IAB members have demonstrated leadership and professional success in their career, and are fully dedicated to advancing and growing a highly competitive program.

The IAB serves as the primary source of external guidance to the program by providing counsel and direction for JEM’s educational and economic development plans. Members serve as a powerful tool to help the program in the accreditation process. IAB members provide leadership to the program by helping to improve the program’s capacity to meet its short-term and long-term goals, and to further promote the program to the profession and general public.

Members can also serve as mentors on industry-sponsored projects and assist in finding internship opportunities for students. IAB participation in curriculum development ensures that our students are taking the necessary courses to obtain the skills needed to compete globally with other engineering graduates. Finally, the IAB can also serve as a fund raising mechanism providing a margin of excellence by having its industrial partner give grants for scholarships for incoming freshmen, monies to help purchase equipment and supplies for laboratory enhancement, and funds to support discretionary spending.

Current IAB Members:

  • AvL Technologies: Jim Oliver
  • BorgWarner: Melissa Atallah
  • Citizen Vinyl: Peter Schaper
  • GE Aviation: Amanda Medlock
  • Kearfott Corp: Matthew DeCraene
  • NAVAIR: Andrew Scott
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific: Torsten Wegner